Recruitment Trends in 2017

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Senior Mechanical Designer Jobs In Nashik
March 27, 2017
7 Qualities To Look In A Candidate While Hiring
7 Qualities To Look In A Candidate While Hiring
March 27, 2017
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Recruitment Trends in 2017



Without employees a commercial, industrial or any working organisation can not be defined as an “Organisation”. The growth of any company or organisation utterly depends on how their employees are working on their projects, services and product manufacturing.  So we can say “employees” are heart of any organisation. Selecting a perfect candidate for your business or organisation can be a rigorous process, as they are the reasons to run your business in beneficial manner. Recruitment is the term that specifies the process of choosing a well fit candidate as per your business  need. 

Successful recruitment is the direct reflection of professionalism of your business. This process should be cost and time effective as it belongs to a very important criteria. To select a perfect match for your organisation can prove to be the turning point for your company in both good or bad  ways. You can find good, qualified, reliable employees for your company if you have a successful hiring process. Make sure to follow an organized recruitment path and you will find candidates that will prove to be great assets to your business. So for this concern we can see now a days variety of  trends are emerging in field of recruitment, few of them are as below-

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness basically belongs to employers’ branding concerns. While searching for a job; a candidate always try to get more and more information about respective companies and employers’ profile. So, it is trending now in recruiting process to develop a brand awareness about company, its growth and suitable working environment.

Even in a growth market, talent is getting harder to find.  Getting your employer brand strategy right will require a dedicated and disciplined approach by the leader driving the strategy with strong support from leaders across all lines of business. “Employer Branding Global Research Study” provided insights into how employer branding has evolved in some important  key regions around the world over the past 5 years. Few of these key focus areas are as mentioned below:

  • Be Clear About What You Stand for
  • Adopt a Community Concept to Your Employer Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Approach to Employer Branding Across the Employment Lifecycle

Talent Analytics

Basically “Talent Analytics” is the term that is used to define the analytical concepts regarding the hiring talent i.e. a particular candidate. It is important to study the talent format that varies person to person, hence to make sure about the end result to select a perfect candidate for company this analysis plays an important role in recruiting process. So, talent analytics can be modified as per the new trends and technology updates. So, every time respective format may vary under the consideration of past results and future predictions. Here big data considerations for analytics, measures all pre-hired candidates and hiring requirement on the basis of workskills, workability and work motivation.

Optimization of Job Post

Optimization of job post is the new trend in market to recruit a candidate. It is one of the most reliable concept to capture the attention of candidate, as well it reduces the time complexity for both candidate and employer to achieve the end target. Optimization of job  post can be done by putting some fixed format that represents requirements of employer.

Engagement Strategies

Employee Engagement Should Be a Focus Before It’s Broken. Engagement strategies in recruitment specifically works on engaging an employee or the respective candidate. When a candidate is applying for a certain vacancy that individual is indeed very interested in the respective job profile. Employee engagement starts with the first sight and first word heard by the candidate. It’s a matter of fact that your company’s process of hiring utterly making your brand not for the customers or the target audience but also the manpower that you are going to hire to run your company. So make sure that your engagement strategy is at the best so that you can not only attract your customers but also the skilled employees that are going to keep your quality services at the best level.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is nothing but the mind set with the help of which you can solve the complex problems regarding recruiting, emphasize your client, your hiring managers, and your candidate. It helps you come up with unexpected, imaginative solutions that really benefit the stakeholders you’re working with.

Recruitment could adopt the 5-point approach to design-thinking:

  1. Make the process user-centered with focus on hiring the right skill rather than the right qualification. Start with understanding the experience of the existing stakeholders and end with renovating the experience in such a way that it is a pleasurable one.
  2. Adopt a collaborative approach to overall talent management with hiring as an integral part of the HR value chain.
  3. Redefine the JD creation process to incorporate Talent Personas – what is required to do a particular job well. Complement this with an assessment that is robust with a combination of assessment methods.
  4. Measure and improve. Use analytics to understand the status, make necessary changes and measure again to understand the true value of the change.
  5. Build relationships with existing employees and develop relationships with potential employees to create a sustainable talent supply.

Relationship Values

Relationship values here determines that you should choose the perfect match for the perfect opening. The mistake to choose the wrong candidate for the current opening can harm your brand of recruitment and can cause profit issues to the organization. Few of the relationship in recruitment strategies are as follows-

  1. Relationship Recruitment
  2. The Recruiters Anomaly
  3. Identify Intrinsic Values
  4. Create a Pipeline
  5. Maintain Communication
  6. Be Patient
  7. Be Honest

Placement Expediency .

The more expediency in placement processes the more convenient it is to candidates as well as employers to make this recruitment process work in proper manner. Expediency is the key factor that provides more reliable path for placement procedures.
So  what it exactly includes from employers side is that, the  current job openings details and their descriptions shohuld be easily readable and they should be able to provide a good and comfortable working environment to the respective candidate.


  Here in this article we have covered with whole brand new strategies on “Recruitment Trends  in 2017”, hope it will help you out with your recruitment processes to grow up your company’s brand and market values with suitable employee resource. Liked this article? Never forget to share this knowledge source and your reviews. All you need to do is, just hit that share buttons of various multi-social links & have a great time ahead.